Shirts On A Plane 

A collection of stylish wearables that almost guarantee that you'll be searched or refused passage on any flight!

Offend passers-by! Attract the wrath of indignant citizens! Get escorted to that little interview room at the checkpoint! Miss your flight in the name of free expression, you civil-liberties rabble-rouser, you!

Available in trendy black (because if you're the type of person who would wear a shirt like this, most of your wardrobe is black anyway) and in lightweight cotton (because who needs heavyweight when you're just going to trade it in for a bright orange jumpsuit in Guantanamo Bay?)


Product Details

TSA Sucks! ~ 0

TSA Sucks!

Men's T-Shirt
Classic-cut standard weight t-shirt for men, 100% cotton, Brand: Gildan or Fruit of the Loom


Squeamish about wearing a shirt with "terrorist" written on it? (Wimp!) Try a straightforward insult instead.

$ 13.99

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Remember: all items are for novelty use only. We're not actually supporters of terrorism, don't have Osama on speed-dial and think terrorist violence is a Bad Thing. However, even the darkest of subjects deserve a little ridicule sometimes and even if you don't buy a shirt, we hope you might get a chuckle out of them. We don't recommend that you attempt to wear one of these shirts through a TSA checkpoint. Or anywhere, actually. Unless you're a ninja or cage fighter or can run really super-fast or something. Attempting to pass through a checkpoint wearing one of these shirts may result in all sorts of unpleasantries. Those TSA guys lack a sense of humor for good reason. Don't say we didn't warn you.